The Advisors

The Really Online Lefty League is a collective of activists, consultants, and organizers dedicated to advancing progressive causes online.

Lauren Nicole Keyes-Scott, she/her

Housing and Homelessness

Lauren is a nonprofit director and housing-first policy specialist. She is an expert on urban and regional housing and homelessness solutions and advocates abolishing all anti-homeless laws nationwide.

Kamran Fareedi, he/him

Youth and Muslim Issues

Kamran is a student at American University and an experienced electoral campaign operative in Virginia and the DC area. He is a frequent media contributor with a seasoned perspective on the youth progressive movement.

Ricci Sergienko, he/him

Climate; Direct Action

Ricci chose the movement over corporate law and presently organizes climate actions in the Los Angeles area. His candidate bird-dogging videos and other direct actions can be seen across the social web.

SUNRISE MOVEMENT with activist Ricci Sergienko (Ep 54)

Sunrise Movement is building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Ricci Sergienko is an activist, and all-around badass, with Sunrise Movement LA. He's gonna tell you about Sunrise. Why it's important. Things they've been doing. Candidates they've endorsed.

Kenzo Shibata, they/them

Socialist Organizing; Education

Kenzo Shibata is an activist who writes and teaches in Chicago. Kenzo is a founding member of the Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators and hosts the Class Time podcast.

Marcus Ferrell, he/him

Criminal Justice Reform; Reparations

Marcus is a skilled field organizing strategist and general consultant who ran for state house in 2018. Marcus ran African American outreach for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential run and has run field teams for municipal, state, and federal campaigns.

Adriel Hampton, he/him

Social Media; Disinformation

Adriel is creator of The Lefty League and Treasurer of The Really Online Lefty League PAC. Adriel lives on Twitter and works on Facebook. He also created two podcasts, Gov 2.0 Radio in 2009, and the new Adriel vs. the Oligarchs with Solidarity House. He’s the only politician in the world that Facebook’s fact checkers can fact check.

Adriel vs the Oligarchs #18 -- A Green Stimulus Now! (with Mark Paul)

Adriel Hampton and Ricci Sergienko interview Mark Paul of Data for Progress on the need for --and popularity of-- a $2 trillion Green Stimulus bill. Also: Voices by Action Sprout, a product to help populate activists' Facebook organizational pages with relevant political content. More on the Green Stimulus at

Ian Thomas Malone, she/her

LGBTQ Rights

Ian is an author and transgender activist. She earned her B.A. at Boston College in 2013, where she founded The Rock at Boston College and an M.A. from Claremont Graduate University. Ian’s treatise The Transgender Manifesto is a bestseller in LGBT non-fiction.

The Estradiol Illusions Podcast

Hosted by author/transgender activist Ian Thomas Malone covering popular culture, politics, video games, LGBTQ issues, and Game of Thrones...

Nat Sowinski, she/they

Labor; Direct Action

Nat has worked for the past decade with various labor, economic justice, political, and immigrants’ rights organizations and campaigns, including winning in-state tuition for undocumented students in New Jersey, helping to pass a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, and training for Beautiful Trouble. She co-authors Pokey the Penguin.

Gov. Christie Celebrates Newly Signed New Jersey DREAM Act

On Tuesday New Jersey Governor and rumored GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie publicly celebrated the enactment of his state's DREAM Act. The law will give students who've grown up and gone to high school in the state the right to pay in-state college tuition, regardless of their immigration status.

Digital Direct Action

Lefty League actions are designed to reap maximum media exposure at minimum cost. We use social media and digital organizing to take offline events viral and effect real change.

Humiliate Trumpand the GOP

From our “Trump – Nixon” ad targeted to gullible Trump fans on Facebook to our “Trump – Zuckerberg 2020” billboards in four states, we’re bird-dogging the president and his billionaire backers throughout the digital landscape.

Exposing Big Tech inSilicon Valley

We’re using Facebook to troll Facebook, with viral fake ads, and critiques of the social network’s right-wing friendly policies targeted to Silicon Valley’s richest neighborhoods.

Dogging California'sLongest-Serving GOP Rep

Ken Calvert is infamous for three decades of self-dealing in Washington, DC. The Really Online Lefty League PAC took action in the California primary to remind CA-42 voters of his past, and to boost the viable Democratic challenger.

Activating the Base

The Lefty League builds political power by promoting populist left issues: Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, free college; $15 minimum wage, and a federal job guarantee. When we vote, we win.

Trolling the “Elite”

We are a movement off the people, accountable to the people. We organize and amplify online to ensure that the powerful⁠—both influential individuals and organizations⁠—are accountable, too.

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The Lefty League advisors are always interested in discussing new actions with potential sponsors. Please reach out!

In the media

The difference between media attention and virality and a flop is as simple as network plus sustained effort. We are media masters and resistance is futile.

Facebook changes policy for ads after Bloomberg memes make a buzz on Instagram

Facebook ad policy challenged by false claim Republican Graham backs Green New Deal

This Fake Green New Deal Ad Perfectly Illustrates Facebook’s Bullshit Political Ad Policy

Facebook ad showing Lindsey Graham ‘endorse’ the Green New Deal is a sign of what’s to come

Fake Facebook Ad Claiming Lindsey Graham Backs the Green New Deal is Actually a Test for Zuckerberg

A false ad claiming Republicans back the Green New Deal tests Facebook’s policy on lies

Facebook pulls false political ad about Sen. Graham

Facebook takes down fake political ad meant to test its fact checking

Monday Wake-Up Call

Facebook pulls false Green New Deal campaign ad from third-party PAC

A false ad claiming Republicans back the Green New Deal tests Facebook’s policy on lies

Facebook takes down false ad from political group. But it still won’t police politicians

Facebook’s political ad policies are put to the test

Facebook removed false political ad days after Zuckerberg testimony

Facebook and Trump were made for each other, but not for democracy

A false ad claiming Republicans back the Green New Deal tests Facebook’s policy on lies

Facebook employees protest political fact-checking policy in letter to Mark Zuckerberg

“Simply put, we believe in the Green New Deal”

Facebook’s Lack of Ad Fact Checking Is a ‘Blank Check’ for Politicians to Mislead Voters, Critics Say

No, you apparently can’t run for office just to put false ads on Facebook

Facebook to fact-check ads of politician challenging fact-check policy

Who Elected Zuckerberg Head of the Thought Police?

Facebook’s political ads policy is predictably turning out to be a disaster

Facebook challenged over political ad policy

Political Candidate Tries to Expose Facebook

AOC Inspires Man To Run False Facebook Ads Testing Mark Zuckerberg

Candidate For California Governor Employs Fake Ads To Protest Facebook Policy

Trump-Zuckerberg 2020? Might as well, says an activist upset by false ads

What’s up with the ‘Trump-Zuckerberg 2020’ billboards on I-15?

The general election has started. Here’s where things stand.

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