by Esha Krishnaswamy

This week, Sen. Lindsey Graham, exposed his real feelings about the American people and the American worker. Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed a very reasonable, social-democratic worker protection. He suggested that employees who were laid off because of Covid-19 deserved to have 100% of their salary given through unemployment insurance. Graham, an in-house lobbyist, for U.S. defense contractors seems to believe that the rules for the rich and the poor are different. In the same bill, the GOP is giving away $500 billion in bailouts for corporate CEOs, who most of them, do things that I wouldn’t classify as work.

But, it was his second tweet that really took the mask off.

I am sorry, but private employers don’t have a right to a “workforce.” When a private employer has a “workforce”, it is called slavery. A private employer does not have a right to “maintain” the workforce. If the private employer needs the workers so badly, nothing is stopping the private employer from increasing pay to incentivize the workers to come fork for the private employer.

But, ultimately, this merely exposes the mask of the reactionary Republican party. Their only aim is to maintain the power of the wealthy, while eventually creating a neofeudal system.

This brings a bigger question, what kind of Democracy allows for someone like Lindsey Graham to be elected?