While more and more marketing money is going online, the political industry lags far behind. Big money Republicans saw this gap and have used it to get ahead of the left – winning the Senate and the Presidency. The right is so far ahead online that Newswhip recently estimated that conservative media has a three-to-one advantage on Facebook.

The new Democratic agenda: Medicare For All; $15 Minimum Wage; Federal Job Guarantee; Green New Deal; Free College – we’re fighting corporate greed and political complacency. To win in 2020, we need not just the presidency – that’s why we’re focused on boosting Democratic Senate candidates, turning California’s 53 House seats 100% blue, and registering and turning out hundreds of thousands of voters under 40. We’ll win with the most advanced political marketing practices, plus a whole lot of heart.



The key to taking back our democracy from extremists and special interests is grassroots action. We turn small donations into the fuel for millions of positive online interactions designed to achieve progressive victories. And our small donor network gets to help pick our priorities!

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The Really Online Lefty League is a political action committee supported by The Adriel Hampton Group and friends. We’ve helped reach hundreds of millions of Americans with progressive messaging on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

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